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Instructions for translators

The CryptPad documentation is written in Restructured Text syntax.

Please pay special attention to spaces around elments such as reference links as a missing space can prevent the link from being processed.

Please do not translate

Reference links with only an anchor name.


They are replaced by the next heading after the anchor.

Icon names between pipes.

|cptools icon-name|

They are replaced by FontAwesome or Cptools (CryptPad icon font).

Please translate but keep syntax around

Reference links with custom text

:ref:`text shown <anchor_name>`

Translate only "text shown" and leave the surrounding syntax in place.


:badge:`Document owners`

Translate "Document owners" and leave the surrounding syntax in place. These badges appear in multiple places so please ensure consistent translation.

Links with custom text

`displayed text <#access-list>`__

Translate "displayed text" and leave the surrounding syntax in place.

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